The core team of SAREP consits of hihgly specialized experts from industry and academia who can look back on many years of experience in various disciplines. Having planned and implemented projects worldwide, all team members are highly dedicated towards their shared goal of making the SAREP vision reality.

Institute for Applied Material Flow Management

Located at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Germany´s greenest university, IfaS has conceptualized and implemented projects globally for more than 20 years. The main focus lies on the creation of innovative concepts and solutions in the fields of circular economy and zero emission systems.

Prof. Dr. Peter Heck, the managing director of IfaS and the mind behind the SAREP vision, coordinates all project activities. Being a renowned expert in circular economy, it is of personal interest to him to prove a first-of-ist-kind Green Business Case unfolding the largest possible positive impacts.

The vast knowledge of Dr. Gerhard Ohlde about agriculture, forestry, livestock farming in arid regions combined with his great experience in working in many different countries (Egypt, Somalia, Yemen, …) are of great value for the agroforestry segment of SAREP.

Due to his specialization in Circular Economy and Material Flow Management and his experience in implementing projects in Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa, the international project manager Guy Noel Defokue complement the IfaS-Team with his valuable expertise.

As the co-head of the international department of IfaS, Dr. Felix Flesch complements the IfaS team.  With a background in economics and biology he collected valuable experiences from implementing projects worldwide such as setting up a Jatropha plantation irrigated with wastewater in the desert sands of Morocco.

Prof. Dr. Peter Heck

Project Lead, Managing Director of IfaS

Dr. Gerhard Ohlde

Agroforestry Expert, Project Manager, IfaS

Guy Noel Defokue

Project Manager, IfaS

Dr. Felix Flesch

Project Manager, IfaS

Synlift Industrial Products
GmbH &Co. KG

As a leading company in planning and commissioning renewable-energy-based seawater desalination systems, Synlift is the right partner for SAREP´s utility segment. Due to his experiences as managing partner, Mr. Käufler is not only a veteran of project implementation in countries of the Middle East and Chile, but co-developed the initial idea behind SAREP.

Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Käufler

Seawater Desalination Expert,
Managing Partner, Synlift Industrial Products GmbH & Co. KG

Pro G.E.O Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

As an highly proficient engineer in the mining and steel industry, Mr. Neu can look back on first hand experiences of implementing projects in Mauritania. His insights into the German and Mauritanian steel industry make him the perfect match for planning SAREP´s industrial complex.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Neu

Mining & Steel Production Expert,
proG.E.O. Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Engineering and Global Consulting

Due to his experience with project implementation in Mauritania and as the managing director of the Nouakchott-based engineering office, Mr. Ebnou is familiar with the on-site conditions and pre-requisites a project like SAREP needs to fulfill in order to become sucessful.

Mohamed Abdoullah Ebnou

On-Site Project Implementation,
Engineering and Global Consulting, Mauritania

Partners from Academia and Industry

The SAREP team  keeps growing. Negotiations with experienced professionals and scientists in various key areas are currently ongoing. Still, we are always open to extend our network and to team up with key technology providers, potential investors or offtakers of the project´s product portfolio. Interested? Reach us here!

Tijms Trading International B.V.

As a provider of drip irrigation systems and agricultural machinery and with experiences in implementing large-scale projects in various West-African countries, Tijms Trading International is a valuable partner for the project´s agroforestry complex.

Deutsche Bodenhilfsstoff-Gesellschaft mbH

Deutsche Bodenhilfsstoff-Gesellschaft mbH is a provider of organic and biologically degradable soil conditioners. The wood-based material is made by utilizing by-products of the paper industry and helps to improve the water storage capacity of sandy soils. With experiences in conducting agriculture and forestry on sandy soils, the company is the ideal partner for SAREP.

Viride Gmbh

Viride is an innovative start-up that produces microalgae. Their first facility in southern Morocco has proved, that a production system under the given climatic conditions is beneficial for the algae growth. Apart from sustainable input products for the food industry like Omega 3 fatty acids or beta carotene, algae could also play a role in carbon sequestration. Due to the synergies between the production system of SAREP and Viride, both entities decided to form a partnership to realize their shared vision of a more sustainable future.

Jatropower AG

Jatropower is one of the leading providers of high-quality edible Jatrophaseeds and has vast experience in Jatropha breeding and cultivation, which make them a perfect match for SAREP.

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